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Dear both,

I had struggled with English and I always wanted to be better. Languist pro helped me in that. 

The fear of learning was gone due to comfort level and your regular appreciation.

No English speaking class teaches how to fill cheques and slips, or write emails. Less student crowd made the teacher pay personal attention, which was very nice. 

All these things felt really good and nice. 

Please continue the same.

Thanks and Regards,

Rashmi Vora

I joined languist pro a few months back for learning German and it has been the best decision ever! I initially joined it because my parents wanted me to, I personally did not have much interest in learning a foreign language but the way Pranali ma’am has taught me has really changed my mindset! She is one of the best teachers one could wish for! Very friendly and makes you very comfortable! They do give a lot of practice and make sure you have understood everything.

So if anyone wants to learn a foreign language please do it from here !

Palak Kamdar

I am with LanguistPro since a few months now, and it has been a splendid journey so far! With Pranali, German has been not just easy to learn but fun as well. I believe this institute and its students shall have a bright future! Wish you good luck!

Mriya Udani

Yo disfruto estudiar español en Languist pro con Shruti Maam. Ella es profesora muy buena . Las personas en Languist Pro son muy simpáticas. Los ‘classrooms’ en L.P no son grandes ni pequeños. The teaching is very good. People are very cooperative in L.P and adjust the classes according to students convenience.
¡Chao chao!


El nombre del instituto es Languist Pro. La profesora es señora Shruti. Siempre he querido aprender español. Por que español es uno de los idiomas más hablados del mundo. El instituto es muy bueno. La profesora es muy simpatica, informada y accesible. Me he gustado estudiar aquí.


Muchas gracias para la experiencia buena
Recommiendo el instituto (Languist pro) a los amigos!
Amo aprender espanõl con Shruti maestra.