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Why is it important to start younger?

Knowing and understanding other languages and cultures is a 21st century skill. It prepares children to live in a global society.

All children have a skill to acquire new languages.

Younger children have the capacity to grasp faster and develop proficiency in one or more languages. They have a natural curiosity for learning. Children who study a new language generally outperform adults in all goners like pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary and overall proficiency in the language.
It increases their thinking skills, creativity and cognitive flexibility.

Second language learners also outscore non-second language learners academically in other subjects.

Second language also serves as a vehicle for learning new content.

So come, make your child a LanguistPro!!

We conduct special foreign language classes for children from the age of 3. Our unique teaching methods help children to grasp languages very quickly. We keep the child’s interest active. In just few sessions you will see your child singing songs in a whole new language!

We also conduct special English language courses for phonetics, grammar, vocabulary and conversation.

For more details on the courses you can call us at +91 9820222550 / +91 9820324701